Conservative Alternative to Google

Many of you are fed up with Left bias in the media. The US election campaign highlighted MSM prejudice against candidates who are patriotic, respect sovereign democracy, reject supranational rule and defend Western values. Google came under fire after Wikileaks exposed its involvement in the Democrat campaign. Repeated tests indicate its search engine produces heavily biased content. During the campaign, I compared search results for Donald Trump in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google … Continue reading Conservative Alternative to Google

US Liberals Rush Canada after Trump Win

*Trigger warning: the following contains humour. Canada News Update 14 November 2016 The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week. The Republican presidential election is prompting an exodus among left-leaning Americans who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, pay taxes, and live according to the Constitution. Canadian border residents say it’s not uncommon … Continue reading US Liberals Rush Canada after Trump Win

Interview with Alan Jones: Meet New UN Chief – International Socialist & Islamist Apologist Antonio Guterres

I had an interview with Australia’s top talkback radio host Alan Jones to discuss my column on the new United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Interview at: In my column, I analyse Guterres’ ideological history as President of Socialist International and his Islamist advocacy as UN High Commissioner for Refugees. An excerpt from my column “Antonio Guterres, the new UN Secretary-General, is not a realist” printed in The Australian this week: The … Continue reading Interview with Alan Jones: Meet New UN Chief – International Socialist & Islamist Apologist Antonio Guterres

Burkini Promotes “Rape Ideology”

IN today’s column Burkini represents religious fundamentalism writ large, I analyse the debate over the burkini ban: WHEN the Syrian city of Manbij was liberated from Islamic State, women burned their burkas, lit up cigarettes, laughed out aloud and embraced the female soldiers who had rescued them. That is what freedom looks like. Freedom isn’t a woman encased in head to toe polyester under a burning … Continue reading Burkini Promotes “Rape Ideology”

Pope Francis & Jihad Denialism

IS Pope Francis a jihad denialist? In my column today, Cultural Relativism an Unnecessary Cross to Bear, I argue that the Pope has adopted a position of appeasement in regard to Islamist terror: The Pope has embraced jihad denialism at the historical moment that jihadists have declared war on Christianity. His recent denial that jihadism is rooted in Islamist theology, his selective criticism of Western secure … Continue reading Pope Francis & Jihad Denialism

Updated Works on Islamism

Dear friends and colleagues, please find below a list of my selected works on Islamism updated to include columns published this year in The Australian. ~ 2017 ~ “Sharia: dark ages death sentence” “Let’s say good-bye to a UN that hates the free world” ~ 2016 ~ “West proves not all cultures are equal” “Hillary Clinton’s sophisticated sexism includes backing Islamism”  “Belgium’s open-border failures” (on Brussels … Continue reading Updated Works on Islamism

“Refujihad” the New Normal as West Opens Borders to Islamism

There’s a new word on the political block: refujihad. It describes an unintended consequence of open border policies; the emergence of jihadist terror as a permanent feature of Western life. On my definition, refujihad is a composite term, comprising direct and indirect forms. Direct refujihad describes Islamists’ use of open border policy to enter Western countries posing as refugees, while harbouring the intent to commit jihadism. … Continue reading “Refujihad” the New Normal as West Opens Borders to Islamism