Interview – Genocide Threat: South Africa Moves on White Farmers

The podcast of my interview about the threat of genocide against whites in South Africa is available.  This morning, I discussed the Australian government’s plan to fast track visas for persecuted white farmers with 2GB’s Michael McLaren. The interview is available here: In my column for The Australian this week, I wrote: The South African government’s vote to expropriate land without compensating farmers has grave human … Continue reading Interview – Genocide Threat: South Africa Moves on White Farmers

Interview on Immigration – 2GB Radio

The podcast of my interview on immigration is now available here: George & Paul’s show on radio 2GB airs on Saturday and Sunday. My recent column for The Australian the immigration debate: Immigration is looming as a key issue ahead of next year’s federal election. Western countries are grappling with the aftershock of porous border policy that offered the enemies of freedom safe passage into the … Continue reading Interview on Immigration – 2GB Radio

Interview Now Available – African Crime in Australia

My interview with 2GB’s Chris Kenny on African crime in Australia is available : As I wrote recently for my Monday column in The Australian: Labor accuses the federal Liberal government of playing politics with African crime in Vic­toria. But Labor has played politics with ethnicity for decades. The result is a booming industry that trades in a culture of complaint and blame-shifting. The industry is funded by … Continue reading Interview Now Available – African Crime in Australia

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

100 Years Of Communism, 100 Million Victims

One has to peel away layers of cant to see that the legacy of communism is a century of genocide littered with one million corpses.  In today’s column for The Australian, Russian Revolution: Communist barbarians led us to genocide, I write: As we approach the centenary of the Russian Revolution, it is time to honour the dead. Dispense with romantic notions of Marxism and trash … Continue reading 100 Years Of Communism, 100 Million Victims

The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

PROPAGANDA is big business for the media determined to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. The mainstream media has weaponised liberal democracy in a propaganda war on the US President. It raided the arsenal for a scorched earth offensive against his electoral campaign. When that offensive failed, propagandists masquerading as journalists developed tactical warfare in a silent coup against the president. The establishment war on Trump is so brazen … Continue reading The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

Australia Rejects Sharia Law

AUSTRALIA does not welcome sharia law. It violates the Australian Constitution. It would send Western civilisation back to the Dark Ages. It chains freethinking women to a set of absurd laws derived from the misogynistic prophet, Mohammed. My column in The Australian today “Sharia: dark ages death sentence” critiques the claim made by Muslim activists that sharia is a benevolent concept. I consider the increasingly common retort … Continue reading Australia Rejects Sharia Law