The Future of The Turnbull Government – Listen Here

I spoke on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show earlier about the state of the Liberal Party and whether the Turnbull government can survive the revelation that it is governing for the “Black Hand” Left faction. Listen to the interview here:


  • The Australian column discussed, Authenticity for Liberals Need Not Be at The Cost of Continuity, is available online:






5 thoughts on “The Future of The Turnbull Government – Listen Here

  1. An excellent article in The Australian yesterday (Faithless Australians May Lose More Than Just God). Keep writing. Thank you!

  2. G’day Jennifer

    Your article in today’s Australian (Faithless Australians May Lose More Than Just God) was very powerful. We are not particularly religious but try to follow the fine example Christ set for us. Please keep up the good work on behalf of conservative and sensible people.

    Guy and Jan

  3. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your opinions and I do agree with you. My hopes for the future are with Cory Bernadi.

  4. I am a conservative. Not necessarily the Rand kind, but with a tinge of humanism. Turnbull [Australian PM] has been a disappointment mostly due to his ‘softness’. I cannot understand him. A man of his ilk should be strong enough to stand up to dissent, put his foot down and say, ‘if you cannot handle a tight fiscal and social restructuring agenda, either get off this gravy train or support me to get things through.’ I think most of us expected Malcolm Turnbull to be that kind of a leader.

  5. The problem with the Liberals/Conservatives/moderate/Rights/One Nations of this country is that there are those who are true conservatives and those who try to hedge their bets. Some try to be ‘moderate’ while others are more extreme to the Right. This acts to split voters and splinter the entire thing, to no one’s benefit.

    A large percentage has flocked to One Nation and others will flow towards Bernardi’s conservatives, leaving the remainder with the Libs. None will have a clear majority to defeat Labor/Greens (shudder).

    The likes of Pyne need to be fired, simple. He looks like a Green and acts like one. What’s he doing there? Turnbull is bad enough, he’s a flat tyre. He’s neither conservative nor Left, so he ends up in the middle somewhere like a piece of parsley floating in a bowl of soup. At least Abbott was clear cut, love him or hate him.

    My hope is that now Bernardi can rally true conservatives and gain some momentum for the next election, but we’ll see.

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