The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

PROPAGANDA is big business for the media determined to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. The mainstream media has weaponised liberal democracy in a propaganda war on the US President. It raided the arsenal for a scorched earth offensive against his electoral campaign. When that offensive failed, propagandists masquerading as journalists developed tactical warfare in a silent coup against the president.

The establishment war on Trump is so brazen that 96% of media covering his mooted immigration reforms was negative. The Left media wants porous borders. The American people and their President do not.

The newspapers claiming Trump is colluding with Russia have a track record for bias against the President, especially in response to his America-first immigration policies.

In my column for The Australian today, Media’s Choice Is Between Truth And Propaganda, I analyse the media’s propaganda war on President Trump:

We know how Donald Trump’s presidency will end. The process is familiar. It begins with a politician elected by the people to introduce secure border and rational immigration policies that benefit the national interest. Said politician is conservative and patriotic. He is Christian. He is proud of his culture: Western culture. The PC establishment despises him. The left media class undermines him. A mob of wreckers forms to destabilise his government. The wrecking crew comprises faceless men who leak to the press with impunity; publicly funded activist networks in the media, academia and NGOs; supranationalist organisations such as the UN and EU; and professional protesters. If Donald Trump wants to know what is coming, he should study the rise and fall of (former Australian prime minister) Tony Abbott.


The call to impeach Trump is the climax of a long campaign to prevent his presidency and to spoil the election result … The question of fake news must be raised in regard to media allegations of a Trump-Russia conspiracy.


A study published by Harvard University has found unprecedented media bias against the Trump presidency. Thomas Patterson of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Centre reviewed coverage of Trump’s first 100 days. Eighty per cent of surveyed media reports on Trump were negative. Ninety-six per cent of surveyed media stories on Trump’s immigration proposals were negative. By stark contrast, media coverage of Barack Obama’s first 100 days was only 41 per cent negative.


The two leading newspapers publishing allegations that Trump has colluded with Russia appear rather biased against his presidency … 83 per cent of The Washington Post coverage of Trump’s presidency was negative. The New York Times covered Trump negatively 87 per cent of the time.


Trump-Russia conspiracy stories share an abundance of anonymous officials and paucity of hard facts. The same was true of stories that fuelled the campaign against Tony Abbott. The leakers were given a veneer of authority by the designations “officials”, “insiders” and “experts”. Their anonymity was protected as though they were whistleblowers, but insiders who engineer coups against democratically elected heads of state are not whistleblowers. If they were exposing corruption, they would tender hard evidence. No hard evidence has been tendered to justify the investigation into Trump’s presidency. No proof has been issued. No valid defence has been mounted. No empirical facts have been established. At what point do we call such news propaganda?


Many Trump voters view the investigation into his alleged ties to Russia as a continuation of the establishment campaign against his presidency. It is a zero-sum game. If the political and media class succeeds in replacing Trump with its preferred president without a solid case, liberal democracy will appear as a fallacy concealing a big lie. If the dream that democracy exists is shattered, voters will cease to trust the media and government. America’s silent majority already feels excluded from the institutions supposed to put the liberal in liberal democracy: the law, academia and media. If their last chance at representation, the democratic vote, is trashed by the establishment, middle America will be pushed to breaking point …

*Read more in The AustralianMedia’s Choice Is Between Truth and Propaganda




4 thoughts on “The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

  1. Right on, Jennifer. If the democratically elected president is taken down by the media and special interests, the democratic system of government is under threat. You cannot take away the people’s rights by stealth without consequences.

  2. I mean you are right and you are … exposing the campaign.

    The silent majority – all those Hillary called ‘deplorables’ – cannot do it themselves. Most are considerably older than the “pussy hat” protesters who have the energy to emulate French revolutionaries and would bring about a … similar reign of terror if they could.

    It can be seen as a battle of minds with the more rational people quietly stating their viewpoints and the hot-headed ones engaging in overreach.

    May Trump serve his two terms and may a succession of conservatives take us through to a Renaissance of sorts.

    1. ‘The mainstream media is a disgrace and should be ignored 90% of the time.” Ditto for the Left more generally. I am hoping more people will come to this realisation, though I am not sure what will take its place.

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