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Many of you are fed up with Left bias in the media. The US election campaign highlighted MSM prejudice against candidates who are patriotic, respect sovereign democracy, reject supranational rule and defend Western values. Google came under fire after Wikileaks exposed its involvement in the Democrat campaign. Repeated tests indicate its search engine produces heavily biased content.

During the campaign, I compared search results for Donald Trump in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google consistently returned the most hard Left content against Trump. Today, I decided to test it again. This time, I compared Google to a newer search engine (http://www.4conservatives.comthat highlights conservative content. I searched for “donald trump muslim ban” and posted a screenshot of the results above. As you can see, the difference is dramatic. Google’s search results are on the left and on the right. 

Many of you have contacted me and expressed anger at the mainstream media for bias not only against Trump, but conservatives more broadly. I share your dismay at the state of affairs in much of the media. But instead of disengaging, try It’s a bit slower than Google because it searches the web and filters for Right-leaning content. You can imagine how long it takes to filter out all the PC dross. However, I have found a greater variety of content i.e. news and in-depth analysis from various conservative journals over a greater period of time.

I’ll combine both search engines in my work and hope will provide you with a more intellectually stimulating and politically diverse reading experience. At the very least, it’s a place where you’re not automatically smeared by the monotone Left as a bigot, racist, or some version of “phobe” simply for having views outside the PC box.



4 thoughts on “Conservative Alternative to Google

  1. Great site. I really wish you would get on Twitter, it’s a great way to get your opinions out there, certainly a great way to share something like this.

    1. Thanks Simon. I find Twitter a brutal medium in the main, but might try Facebook at some stage. In the meantime, there are sharing buttons which you can use to share content from my site. They are located on the top left hand side of posts (desktop version), or underneath if you’re accessing the site from a mobile device.

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer! I have added 4conservatives to my list of favourite right wing oriented sites. I hope the next one will be the site devoted to Cory Bernardi’s new party. I hope he doesn’t disappoint.

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