Interview with Alan Jones: Meet New UN Chief – International Socialist & Islamist Apologist Antonio Guterres

I had an interview with Australia’s top talkback radio host Alan Jones to discuss my column on the new United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

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In my column, I analyse Guterres’ ideological history as President of Socialist International and his Islamist advocacy as UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

An excerpt from my column “Antonio Guterres, the new UN Secretary-General, is not a realist” printed in The Australian this week:

The appointment of Antonio Guterres as Secretary-General of the United Nations poses significant danger to the free world. As president of Socialist International, Guterres envisaged a radical model of government led by a UN parliamentary assembly that would facilitate the emergence of “global citizens”.


…  In 2007, as UN refugee chief, Guterres addressed the League of Arab States. He credited Islamic law as an “invaluable foundation for the legal framework” used by his office. He acknowledged that the majority of the world’s refugees were Muslim, but focused on “developed societies”, citing “racism” and “xenophobia” as the primary cause of refugee victimhood instead of holding to account the Islamist regimes refugees flee. Guterres encouraged Islamic states to become “more involved in the UNHCR’s governing body”. Today, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is Jordan’s Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.


Guterres is highly critical of Western states that strengthen borders in response to jihadist attacks, stating: “Let us be perfectly clear: Refugees are not terrorists, they are the first victims of terror.”


That is a false dichotomy. The jihadists who entered Europe thanks to the EU socialist bloc’s porous border policy and murdered hundreds of European citizens are both product and cause of Islamist terror. Islamist ideology produces Islamist terrorism which in turn creates refugee crises. The UN routinely denies that reality.


Australia’s border security policy developed by the Abbott government and consolidated by Malcolm Turnbull is earning international praise while the UN open borders approach is viewed increasingly as ideological and harmful. Thanks to our rigorous screening of asylum-seekers, up to 22 jihadists trying to enter Australia as Syrian refugees face rejection. By contrast, the UN has become so irrational that its envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has offered to personally escort 900 jihadists out of Aleppo.

Enjoy the full column “Antonio Guterres, the new UN Secretary-General, is not a realist”




3 thoughts on “Interview with Alan Jones: Meet New UN Chief – International Socialist & Islamist Apologist Antonio Guterres

  1. Jennifer, I listened to your interview. I read your column in The Australian and I thank goodness there are some strong, original journalists around.

    Please keep up your good work and get Malcolm Turnbull to get us out of the UN – what a sideshow that has turned out to be.

    Jan Smuts, who was a founding father of the League of Nations which segued into the UN, must be apoplectic with rage in his grave at the shambles his child has turned into.

    Love your work.

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  2. Things are changing in Europe and what Victor Orban of Hungary has to say has significant impact. What Geert Wilders thinks has Europe’s socialists calling ‘foul’. So the anti-Israel, pro-socialist, open borders UN elects a former president of the International Socialists as Secretary General. Are things going to change? If anything, he may simply contribute to the unravelling of the UN. I hope so.

  3. Yet again, the socialists control the agenda with their pollutant philosophies. Why do we bother any more with such a thoroughly ineffectual and compromised group?

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