Updated Works on Islamism

Dear friends and colleagues, please find below a list of my selected works on Islamism updated to include columns published this year in The Australian.

~ 2017 ~

“Sharia: dark ages death sentence”

“Let’s say good-bye to a UN that hates the free world”

~ 2016 ~

“West proves not all cultures are equal”

“Hillary Clinton’s sophisticated sexism includes backing Islamism” 

Belgium’s open-border failures” (on Brussels jihadist attacks)

“No place here for Islamist bias” (Hizb ut-Tahrir loses case for gender segregation)

“Anti-semitism’s licit disguise”

“Pathologising free thought” (on Islamophobia and other PC phobias)

“Open borders crack melting pot”

 ~ 2014-2015 ~

“Self-censorship makes us victims of political jihad”

“Europe’s socialists show suicidal irrationality” (on EU open border policy & jihadism)

“Jihadis and Leftists, united in misogyny”

“You can’t be a jihadist and a good citizen”

“Once upon a time in the West” (on jihadism & victim ideology)

“Political correctness shackles the war on terror”

“Recognition of Hamas a Win for Islamist Terror”

“Slaves of genocidal misogyny”

“Western leftists stand up for their comrades in Islam”

“Jihadists aren’t alienated by the West ­– they’re groomed in stages”

“Universities prove fertile ground for Islamist propaganda”

2 thoughts on “Updated Works on Islamism

  1. Dear Dr Oriel,

    After reading your column Protect kids from Marxist sexualisation programs I remembered back to when I was a schoolchild. We had exposure to a totally different teaching curriculum. I believe it would have been considered a criminal offence to involve children in such sexualised activities.

    Best regards and look forward to reading of more of your articles. It is one of the reasons I buy The Australian.


  2. Dear Dr Oriel

    Thank you.

    It is always an inspiration and relief to read your articles, and the boldness, knowledge and clarity you bring to expose the ˜current PC madness taking over much of the discourse in the media, our governments, universities, institutions etc.


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