“Refujihad” the New Normal as West Opens Borders to Islamism

There’s a new word on the political block: refujihad.

It describes an unintended consequence of open border policies; the emergence of jihadist terror as a permanent feature of Western life.

On my definition, refujihad is a composite term, comprising direct and indirect forms.

Direct refujihad describes Islamists’ use of open border policy to enter Western countries posing as refugees, while harbouring the intent to commit jihadism.

Indirect refujihad means the design and/or use of immigration policy to weaken nation state borders to the extent that jihadists (including nationals who have fought with terrorists abroad), can enter the West.

Western leaders are aware that refujihad is a political strategy and military tactic of terrorist groups such as Islamic State, but have chosen to permit and even facilitate it by eroding European borders.

Europe’s socialist leaders are coming dangerously close to the definition of treason by faciliating jihadism via open border policies.

Several terrorists responsible for the latest terrorist attacks in Paris are refujihadis, including chief jihadist, 27-year-old Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud. They’re calling him a “mastermind” in the media, but we shouldn’t pay the compliment.

Abaaoud is an opportunistic thug who capitalised on the open border policy promoted by the European Union’s socialist bureaucrats and politicians, including French President Francois Hollande.

After serving as chief recruiter for IS, Abaaoud returned to Europe through open borders by posing as a refugee. He was part of a European-based network of refujihadis and killed during the police shoot out in the French immigrant suburb of Saint-Denis along with his cousin with whom he reportedly shared an incestuous marriage.

Several other suspects in the Paris terrorist attacks re-entered Europe after fighting with Islamic State including Bilal Hadfi, Omar Mostefai, and Samy Amimour.

The two Abdeslam brothers suspected of involvement in the Black Friday terrorist attacks were also returned jihadists from Syria. Salah Abdeslam is still at large while his vile brother died after detonating a bomb in a Parisian café.

Like Abaaoud, Black Friday jihadist Ahmad al-Mohammad entered Europe by posing as a refugee. He was considered a legitimate refugee under EU rules simply because he had a valid Syrian passport and no police record. Macedonian police believe he entered with another IS jihadist who is still on the loose in Europe.

Al-Mohammad was welcomed into refugee camps across Europe, given food and shelter funded by European taxpayers, before helping to slaughter scores of them at the Bataclan concert hall.

Survivors of the Bataclan attack have spoken for the first time about the sadistic hatred shown by jihadists to their Western victims.

After shooting as many people as they could, the jihadis descended on the dying and slit their stomachs. Survivors could hear the innocents’ screams as they were tortured to death.

French police have described entering the concert hall in darkness and wading through water on the ground. When the lights turned on, they realised it was the blood of the slaughtered pooling around their feet.

What has been the French President’s response to the horrific suffering and slaughter of his people? How has socialist Francois Hollande responded to a survey showing the majority of French citizens want more secure borders following the attacks? Has he admitted the error of open borders and committed to improving border security to protect his citizens from Islamist terror?


Overnight, socialist President Francois Hollande recommitted to his murderous open border policy, condescending French citizens by dismissing their valid fear of open borders as fickle and chiding them: “life goes on.”

That is not presidential. It is shockingly callous – and near treasonous.

Writing for The Australian this week, I analysed the role of EU socialists (and centre-Right German Chancellor Angela Merkel), in producing conditions conducive to the growth of jihadism as a permanent feature of 21st century Europe:

In a year marked by jihadist attacks in Europe and amid the escalating war against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, EU leaders, including socialist French President Francois Hollande, introduced an open border policy. It was an act of suicidal military strategy without historical precedent. Unsurpisingly, Islamic State celebrated it.


The EU was warned about IS plans to smuggle jihadists through open borders in early 2015. Rather than upholding their primary duty of care to protect European citizens, they defended the open border policy, vilifying citizens and heads of state who opposed the lunatic strategem as racist xenophobes.


… The European Commission High Representative of foreign affairs and security policy, Federica Mogherni, was appointed with the backing of socialist prime ministers across Europe. In June, Mogherini launched a defence of political Islam, stating it should be a part of Europe’s future … It is the clearest declaration of allegiance to Islamism by any European leader and it was made in the middle of a year bookended by jihadist attacks on European citizens.


It is entirely predictable that Islamist terrorism would result from embracing political Islam and opening borders to jihadists. Yet European leaders continue to express shock at its emergence on the continent.


Shocked leaders include German chancellor Angela Merkel who departed from her party’s conservative platform to champion open border policy, hectoring heads of state in dissent such as Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban. Merkel said there were no limits to the number of aslyum seekers Germany would accept, despite warnings from the German interior ministry that a third of those claiming to be Syrian refugees were not Syrian.”


(Jennifer Oriel: “Europe’s socialists show suicidal irrationality” The Australian)

Western leaders have borne witness to the slaughter of citizens that results from open border policies in the context of transnational jihadism.

Those who continue to defend open border policy despite the evidence of harm are neglecting their primary duty of care to protect the life, liberty and security of Western citizens. They also endanger genuine refugees fleeing the jihadist terror that socialists are now importing into Europe.

The West must adopt rational border policy to defend the global sanctuary of liberal democratic states from those who seek our destruction.

If we do not act to defend Western civilisation now, the free world may very well become unfree within a generation.

Copyright ©2015 Jennifer Oriel. All rights reserved.

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  1. Many thanks Jennifer. Your point about “The primary duty of care” is well taken. It’s almost so basic that it’s often taken for granted but it should be considered treason for a leader to ignore it.

    1. Thanks Tim. By any realist definition, a government that has abrogated the principal responsibility to protect its citizens’ lives would not be classified as a government. For the sake of our shared civilisation, one hopes that Europeans will begin to demand more of their leaders.

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