Reform Islamic World to End Refugee Crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis will worsen unless the Islamic world accepts their fair share of the refugee burden and finds the political will to address root causes.

Australia has adopted a two-pronged approach to the Syrian crisis. The first is humanitarian, expanding the number of places for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. The second is political, using military means to secure a lasting peace in Syria.

The greatest obstacles allied forces face in their long-term strategy to stabilise Syria are the hard Left media and Islamist regimes. Both refuse to acknowledge regional causes of the Syrian refugee crisis and the role of Islamism in its creation. Their default position is to blame the West.

International institutions too are failing in their duty to identify and counter the regional causes of the Syrian crisis.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation comprises the biggest voting bloc at the United Nations, but its wealthiest members will not accept Syrian refugees. Instead, the OIC issued a press release blaming the amorphous “international community” for the crisis.

The OIC commonly uses the West to shift blame for ongoing instability in the Middle East. The blame-shifting tactic effectively conceals that the foundation of the Syrian crisis, like so many in the region, lies in Islamist governance. Last week, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan blamed Europe for the terrible death of Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi. It later emerged that the family had fled Erdogan’s Turkey for a better life in Europe.

Unfortunately, much Western media has fallen for spin over substance in the Syrian crisis. It has been called the “Western migrant crisis” and the “European refugee crisis”, but it is neither Western nor European in origin.

The mass exodus from the Middle East is the latest in a fifty year flight from Islamist regimes to liberal democracy.

The world is suffering yet another refugee crisis borne of the Islamist world’s refusal to liberalise its social and political systems. Instead, many Islamist regimes continue to assert their rights in international relations without shouldering the coessential responsibilities.

For example, the OIC demands that the “international community” takes responsibility for people fleeing the Islamic world, but many members will not ratify the UN refugee convention or respect its provisions.

Refugees fleeing violent Islamist regimes are not guaranteed equal access to education, health care and employment in refugee-receiving nations of the Islamic world. Under Sharia law, many will continue to be treated as second or third class citizens if they are women, or belong to a religious minority such as Christianity. Consequently, they leave to find better lives in the West which guarantees equal rights of citizenship to genuine refugees.

Despite its failure to provide equal rights for refugees, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation castigates the UN Security Council for failing to act on the Syrian crisis. However, the OIC’s wealthiest Gulf State members are not resettling Syrian refugees. Instead, they send cheques to the UN and expect other member states to do the hard and long-term work of resettling them.

According to Amnesty International, Qatar has not offered a single resettlement place to a Syrian refugee. Nor has the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Bahrain. In fact, recent investigations suggest Qataris have played a role in fuelling the Syrian crisis by funding terrorist groups in the region.

The Syrian crisis was not created in a political vacuum and unless the Islamic world acknowledges its role in the tragedy, the temporary flight from Islamist terror will become a permanent feature of European border wars.

Already, some migrants have committed violence against police defending sovereign borders in Hungary and Greece. Rather than defend democratic citizens’ right to secure borders, EU leadership has attacked them.

In June, the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini proposed that “political Islam” belongs in Europe – a declaration of allegiance to theocracy that should sit at odds with her socialist politics, but apparently does not.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has come under sustained attack by EU leaders for defending his citizens’ rights to determine the destiny of their liberal democratic country. But the only crime Hungarians have committed is an earnest attempt to find a sustainable balance between economic survival and the long-term financial responsibility that accrues from rapid migrant and refugee intakes.

The EU and world media have shown little sympathy for Hungarian people and citizens of other former Soviet states in their pleas to exercise reason in resettling migrants and refugees fleeing the latest Islamist crisis. There is substantial evidence to support the reasoned approach.

Many central European states cannot afford mass immigration due to decades of fiscal torpidity under Communism.

The much maligned Hungary has a youth unemployment rate of 18% and a national debt at 77% of GDP. Yet the EU and Western media continue to punish it for trying to survive.

Hungary cannot afford to resettle masses of Middle Eastern migrants and Syrian refugees, but Qatar and the Gulf States can.

What does the EU have to say about Gulf States’ responsibility for the refugee crisis? Nothing. Instead, it takes the lazy route of blaming Europeans and sowing PC agitprop.

We will not resolve the Syrian crisis using the same politics that produced it.

Until the Islamic world embraces liberal democracy, or a multi-party variant like the Tunisian model, the West will be left to pick up the pieces of the fractured societies and constant refugee crises that Islamist regimes produce.

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4 thoughts on “Reform Islamic World to End Refugee Crisis

  1. I have never yet seen multiculturalism work anywhere in the world. Multi-ethnicity can work, but there needs to be an over-riding acceptance of the dominant culture for different ethnicities to live peacefully with one another.

  2. Hello Dr Oriel, I appreciate your posts and tune in to The Bolt Report. I sometimes despair at where Australia is heading in so many areas. Well, even the world I suppose.

    Brave, intelligent people like you need to speak out.

    For puny folk like me, it seems anything I say is drowned out or accursed by the prevailing milieu of strictly compliant thought. It is both a deadening and frustrating prism. Bubbling underneath is anger that I fear has the potential to strip asunder the fabric of our democratic process. I imagine you would have heard of Mark Steyn. I read him avidly with a mixture of laughter, foreboding and tears. Very erudite are his comments about the Trump phenomenon.He says fifty per cent of the people have had enough of their system of government and cronyism hence his rise and rise. It is reaction rather than Trump encapsulating all things brilliant or seeing him as someone who can ‘save America.’ In that respect you have probably read the recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Bret Stephens about Trump. It is hard to go past any word in that opinion. Notwithstanding his view, and I may be wrong, but I do not think Trump is another more cashed-up manifestation of Clive Palmer. We shall see but I am certain on one thing; the Clintons are finally finished, thank God. Well, back to my slippers and pipe. Not quite, as I am enjoying a spiritual and mental renaissance as a putative writer. I just need to get a publisher on board. Thank you again.

  3. What great tag team; Andrew Bolt and Jennifer Oriel!

    On the subject of the Islamic invasion of Europe and now Australia. The Muslim community here are lucky to have such a formidable alliance with the Greens, Labor (mainly left), trade unions, the Socialists, Fairfax, ABC, SBS and academia, all of which are pushing for an open door immigration policy.

    Our foreign policy now formulated with the Western suburbs of Sydney in mind. With the upcoming arrival of 12,000 Syrians, nobody has mentioned the impact on the tiny 120,000 Jewish community already living under siege from would-be Muslim extremists.

    For the record some of the millions of dollars the Jewish community spend each year in security includes a $500,000 barrier around the Sydney’s Yeshivah College and a $1.3 million bomb-proof wall around Melbourne’s Jewish community Centre in Caulfield. Only last week our largest Jewish Day school in Australia announced an upgrade in their security now engaging guards similar to Sydney Jewish schools.

    Of course our Jewish communal leaders will play down the threat from Muslims because they don’t wish to rock the boat and try to make believe multiculturalism is working. However they would not be spending tens of millions of community dollars on security if it wasn’t a serious threat similar to Europe’s. No other minority religious /ethnic groups in Australia live with these types of threats and intimidation.

    How is our government going to guarantee each and every one of the 12,000 Syrians that could have gone to any number of Islamic countries if they wanted to (of course without the benefit of social security handout), will not pose a threat Jews on the front line here? Our government is playing Russian roulette with Jewish security.

  4. So insightful Jennifer.

    “The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation comprises the biggest voting bloc at the United Nations.”

    This kind of information about the UN is just not common knowledge. The UN sure have a good already made ‘PR team’ in the hard Left West blamers.

    I look forward to seeing you on TV next.

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