The United Nations Sells Out Women to Appease Iran

The newest board member of UN Women is a country ranked in the bottom five for gender equality, where rape, domestic violence and paedophilia are legally permissible.

On Friday, UN Women voted 53: 36 in favour of appointing Iran to its board, thereby endorsing one of the world’s most misogynistic nations as a global leader of human rights.

UN Women’s Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, has yet to speak publicly about the decision. That was left to the United States’ UN Ambassador Samantha Power who lambasted it.

The decision to recognise Iran as a leader of human rights exposes the ever-expanding gulf between the United Nations and its founding principles. The hypocrisy required to stage manage the abyss is staggering.

Ahead of International Women’s Day this year, Mlambo-Ngcuka was quoted in The Guardian bemoaning sex inequality in the upper echelons of business and government. But her newly appointed board member, Iran, ranks 137 out of 142 countries for sex equality according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap index.

The low status of women is not confined to employment, but permeates Iranian law and culture, which derive from Islamic Sharia codes. According to Sharia law, violence against women and child marriage are permissible. As a result, Iran permits men to marry teenage and pre-pubescent girls.

In a single year, 48,580 girls between the age of 10 and 14 were married under Iran’s Sharia law. In another year, over a thousand girls under the age of ten were married off to Islamic men.

Iran’s Civil Code 1117 also gives an Islamic man the legal right to ban his wife from any work he considers incompatible with his family interests. The unsurprising consequence is that women comprise only 16% of the workforce.

States that have legalised paedophilia, child rape, marital rape and the battery of women are not only welcomed by the United Nations in the 21st century, they constitute its most powerful legion.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is the largest voting bloc at the UN. Comprising 57 member states, the OIC has eroded the principles of political liberty, universality and formal equality which lay at the heart of classical human rights.

In the place of universal human rights is the Cairo Declaration, which permits rights and freedoms as long as they are not “contrary to the principles of the Sharia.” In short, under the OIC version of human rights, the United Nations would submit to Sharia law.

The results predictably are disastrous ­– especially for women and girls.

The capitulation of United Nations progressivists to the demands of Islamist states ultimately benefits the world’s worst violators of women’s human rights. Islamist nations lobby consistently against international efforts to end violence against women and girls. Among the world’s nations, they consistently enter the most reservations to the UN Convention on Women (CEDAW), enabling complete disregard for women’s basic right to act and be judged on merit.

The UN’s continued tolerance for the radical intolerance that permeates Islamist law and order ensures that the institutionalised mistreatment of women and girls as second class citizens continues under the guise of human rights.

Baroness Cox, a Tory peer appointed by Margaret Thatcher, is fighting the rise of Islamist law and order in the West. Her new report Parallel Lives: Confronting the Abuse of Many Women in Britain Today exposes the use of Sharia courts in the UK, their damaging effect on Muslim women and the grave threat they pose to the free world.

Baroness Cox’s indictment of Sharia law serves as a reminder of why tolerating the radical intolerance of Islamism constitutes a gross betrayal of women and girls worldwide:

“This violates everything that we stand for. It would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves.”

If only they’d rise again.

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