Democracy v. Supremacy in Gay Marriage Showdown

Update. 08/08/17. Following partyroom debate, the Australian Liberal Party has agreed to honour its election commitment to a people’s vote on the question of same-sex marriage. Fifty-five thousand Christians signed a petition against the move to push gay marriage through parliament without the consent of the people. The plebiscite was promised by the governing Liberals at the 2016 election. The main coalition blocking the people’s vote … Continue reading Democracy v. Supremacy in Gay Marriage Showdown

The Future of The Turnbull Government – Listen Here

I spoke on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show earlier about the state of the Liberal Party and whether the Turnbull government can survive the revelation that it is governing for the “Black Hand” Left faction. Listen to the interview here:   The Australian column discussed, Authenticity for Liberals Need Not Be at The Cost of Continuity, is available online:           Continue reading The Future of The Turnbull Government – Listen Here

Refujihad in Britain and Australia: Interview Friday 9 June, 7.10am

Join me for an interview on Friday morning with talk back king Alan Jones on the rising tide of refujihad across the West. A week before the London terror attacks, I wrote: Britain has been invaded. Whitehall has revealed that there are 23,000 suspected terrorists inside the UK. What it didn’t say is that the British army reserve has just 29,940 active personnel. The implications are … Continue reading Refujihad in Britain and Australia: Interview Friday 9 June, 7.10am

Manchester Refujihad: Time to Brexit

REFUJIHAD strikes Europe again. The Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, was the son of Islamists who entered the UK claiming refugee status. Like refujihadis who attacked Paris & Brussels, Abedi was a second generation immigrant who travelled to Islamic states for jihadist training and then returned through Europe’s borders to unleash terror on innocents. And, like other refujihadis, he attended a mosque on European soil suspected of … Continue reading Manchester Refujihad: Time to Brexit

The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

PROPAGANDA is big business for the media determined to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. The mainstream media has weaponised liberal democracy in a propaganda war on the US President. It raided the arsenal for a scorched earth offensive against his electoral campaign. When that offensive failed, propagandists masquerading as journalists developed tactical warfare in a silent coup against the president. The establishment war on Trump is so brazen … Continue reading The Propaganda War on Donald Trump

Australia Rejects Sharia Law

AUSTRALIA does not welcome sharia law. It violates the Australian Constitution. It would send Western civilisation back to the Dark Ages. It chains freethinking women to a set of absurd laws derived from the misogynistic prophet, Mohammed. My column in The Australian today “Sharia: dark ages death sentence” critiques the claim made by Muslim activists that sharia is a benevolent concept. I consider the increasingly common retort … Continue reading Australia Rejects Sharia Law

Conservative Alternative to Google

Many of you are fed up with Left bias in the media. The US election campaign highlighted MSM prejudice against candidates who are patriotic, respect sovereign democracy, reject supranational rule and defend Western values. Google came under fire after Wikileaks exposed its involvement in the Democrat campaign. Repeated tests indicate its search engine produces heavily biased content. During the campaign, I compared search results for Donald Trump in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google … Continue reading Conservative Alternative to Google